Best & Taylor Global Intel Update for 7-12-2017

Communist Coup Accelerating, Kim Threats, Earth Changes, Wars & Rumors of Wars

The final acts of the third Temple period are being played out right under our noses as 5778 looms just ahead of 9-22 or 23 2017 for Israel, the 50th year since 1967 and the 6-day war and 70 years since her rebirth, and the world is sound asleep. Things are converging in heaven and upon Earth, with Israel as the central time clock for the Earth. With 5777 as the key pivot year for HUGE CHANGES on Earth, with the rise of the New World Order, The arrival of the FALLEN ONES, possibly the arrival of the TWO WITNESSES, things could get very interesting from now on. Earth changes are getting more and more obvious, and volcanic activity is getting serious around the world.