Best & Taylor Global Update – 7-3-2017

North Korea Strike? American Summer, Deep State Coup, 9-23 Great Wonder and more…


Have the plans for a North Korean “solution” been reached by our military? Urgent phone calls to Trump from China and Japan leaders, wars and rumors of war, and trouble in the Middle East ramping up. The Deep State needs a world war to bring in their antichrist, Iran Islamic’s need their 12th Imam, and the nations of the world are getting restless, RIGHT ON TIME for the 9-23-2017 star sign, a GREAT WONDER. Is there something overlaid on top of the 9-23 star alignment? Is this the long awaited BLUE BEAM PROJECT ARRIVAL? Is this the date for the great “vanishing”? And more…




1 thought on “Best & Taylor Global Update – 7-3-2017

  1. Stewart, I emailed you information on a crop circle that was discovered in Dorset on the 22nd of May, 2017. If you didn’t see that, go to and find this specific crop circle, then click on “articles” and read the information. The one author thinks that it may tie in to the last Secret of Fatima. It may be that they project a huge hologram in the sky of supposedly the Virgin Mary, and this is why everyone looks up, and goes home. It might also be possible that people will hear a message in their minds through modern technology. Just an example of the type of thing that might happen. And remember that Trump suddenly and surprisingly made an announcement about space, which I sent you as well. This mysterious message will be elaborated on in the weeks to come, so that they can say that they had given us a heads up. Remember that all of these politicians in DC are just actors on a stage, playing the part that they have been given. There is no difference between D.C. and Hollywood.
    Have a wonderful Fourth. It will probably be our last.


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