The Omega STAR SIGN -Is It About Over For Humanity?



As we approach the date of 9-23-2017 and the associated Revelation 12 star sign, the gainsayers are coming out in force, declaring that all of this is bogus, it has no relevance to anything at all, as this sign has been seen many times before. There is no sign for the Church because of the doctrine of imminence which says Christ can return anytime, and we all must always be ready, and on and on it goes.

They tell you this is just another wave of false hope, it is dangerous to speculate, and besides all of that, no man can know the day or the hour of the Return, and therefore all of this should be dismissed as just another hoax. Here are their arguments.

  1. This sign has shown up many times before and is not unique in any way.
  2. There are no signs for the Church because Jesus Christ can come back at any moment for His people.
  3. No man knows the day or the hour of the return, so therefore all cosmic signs are worthless and cannot be used to determine when Christ will return.
  4. The Church is not to “speculate” on a return date, because it is dangerous and destroys the doctrine of imminent return of Christ for His Bride.

Are the gainsayers accurate, or are they involved in false doctrine themselves, thus blinded by it and cannot discern the actual truth of the matter? God says He will pick the delusions of the unsaved apostate Christians AND others, and this may well be one of those delusions.

One should ask how many warnings and SIGNS must the Lord hand out to humanity before He simply says enough is enough, because those who are willfully blind refuse to see or understand it.

The Revelation 12 star sign has a number of components to it, and ALL of them must fit directly with none missing, and further, there must be other confirming signs/events that support this sign, for without these confirming signs one could conclude that the 9-23-2017 sign is being misread. Jesus Himself said that when we see ALL THESE THINGS (SIGNS/EVENTS) CONVERGE then KNOW His return is at the very door (portal opening) and the call made to “come up hither.” In Revelation 4.

First the component signs of Revelation 12:

  1. It must take place in VIRGO, the only woman in the 12 constellations.
  2. It must occur on one of the Lord’s FEAST DAYS.
  3. It must take place where it begins a fulfillment of the LAST THREE FEAST DAYS, for Christ has already fulfilled the FIRST FOUR, therefore to be valid it would have to occur on a FEAST OF TRUMPETS, the first of the last three.
  4. It must contain these items:
  5. The moon MUST be under her feet. (Remember that VIRGO as seen from Earth is in a RECLINING POSITION, the moon must lay below her feet.
  6. The Sun must be at a location to “clothe” her body – shedding light over her body.
  7. There MUST BE a crown of 12 stars over her head.
  8. There must be Jupiter within her belly for a full gestation period of nine months or more. In other words, Jupiter must enter her womb and REMAIN there for the entire time AND NEVER LEAVE THAT AREA.
  9. There MUST BE the GREAT RED DRAGON (The Destroyer), behind Jupiter at birth to DEVOUR the MANCHILD just as it is born.

All these must be present and further, there must be a list of other confirmations all pointing to the same time period. These are the facts one should consider before a valid conclusion can be reached. The Bible calls this a “GREAT WONDER” SIGN, that is, this is a very special astronomical alignment totally separate and distinct from other signs in the cosmos. One should also remember that God gave the Sun, Moon and stars for SIGNS and for SEASONS. The word for seasons refers directly to the LORD’S SEVEN FEAST DAYS, for they pertain to Christ and His Work of REDEMPTION/SALVATION. The first four of those Feasts have been fulfilled to the letter.

Revelation 12

12 “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.”

So is this a total hoax or a valid sign? Stay Tuned!!




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  1. I am computer challenged and can’t seem to reply to other’s comments but I am so impressed by the Psalm 2 kiss the Son video thank you for that, Jerry! Also I would think that this would be very confirming for Stewart who has shouted from the rooftops about Psalm 2 for years! So cool how there is so much more to it, now!


  2. This is a link to show where we do know the day and hour! No one knows the day or the hour is a figure of speech for Feast of Trumpets in that the feast wasn’t calculated until the sighting of the first slivir of the new moon. So when Jesus was saying this, He was giving the day of His return. Just read it is is so confirming! Now prior to Jesus saying this he says that first the tribulation would occur the sun goes dark and moon doesn’t give her light so it may just be that this great wonder coming up is the beginning of tribulation and in 7 years the actual taking away. That would mean that we would be those fleeing to the wilderness by God’s direct provision where he takes care of our every need equipping us to the the exploits for those who know their God. Just like the exodus no feeble bodies, with the former and latter rain coming shining on us. We don’t go out with a whimper but with full on heavenly support finally being whom He has created us to be in the earth while still in the land of the living! What we have always longed for walking with Him in full surrender receiving everything Jesus died to give us. It is all about relationship!

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  3. This is the culmination of the end of the age! We have studied from the The Witness of the Stars by E W Bullinger in the last 40 years and other resources that confirm that this is the great wonder in Heaven. Also the other great wonder of the great red dragon is right under Virgo ready to devour the child but not depicted in the above view is Ophiuchus wrestling the serpent in symbolism of Michael and his angels fighting the dragon and his angels. The planet of Mars in the the alignment delegating war. Everything has been confirmed over and over with the signs glaring for us all to behold. Lamps trimmed, trust in Him in it all whether you believe you’ll be out of here or not…there is no shrinking back from this day. What a glorious day it will be. Many will lose their lives when their hearts will fail them for fear…not so us who are in relationship with Him. Live in righteousness peace and joy in the holy Spirit bringing the Kingdom from within us into the world! So many have been tricked from this truth by the many lies over the last several years that they have fallen prey too that had then believing they would be out of here by now. Heart deferred makes the heart sick, but when looking at the truth in God’s Word you see everything working in precision with God’s timepiece which is His handy-work in the heavens. It is a fascinating study that has me in great anticipation, hope and a fixed heart. There has never been a time like this and He created us for this very purpose to glorify Him as we become the manifest sons of God that the whole earth has been groaning for!


    • Very well said, June. Yahweh bless you and yours in the fullness of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Also, thanks be to God the Father for His people who are awake, watching and praying at this late hour.


  4. thanks Stewart-great article on key points that haven’t occured in how long?? if ever. your interview with Stan Deyo is a great blessing too.





  5. Thank you for this! I can suggest one correction if i might: “There MUST BE the GREAT RED DRAGON (The Destroyer), behind Jupiter at birth to DEVOUR the MANCHILD just as it is born.” Just one thing: the REDC DRAGON (Nibiru?) is there to devour the manchild however the manchild does not get devoured, but is taken up into heaven as seen in v. 5.

    Thank you, Yahweh Bless and keep you, as we await His soon Coming! Shalom, lulie

    On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 7:53 AM, lightgateblogger wrote:

    > Stewart Best posted: “PART ONE As we approach the date of 9-23-2017 and > the associated Revelation 12 star sign, the gainsayers are coming out in > force, declaring that all of this is bogus, it has no relevance to anything > at all, as this sign has been seen many times” >


  6. Forgot the comment on the YouTube video about the Celestial Parade, It is a wonderful finding by a fellow that must be Jewish ,born again no doubt, and he found and shows on Stellarium that the planets that complete the 12 STARS in the crown come down and are the last of the remaining 12. As they come into place each on move in relevance. They all lightly brush up against Regulus the King STAR IN LEO. Actually they KISS THE SON!. THEN THEY MOVE INTO THEIR APPROPRIATE PLACES. This is all narrated by this energetic,energized excited spirit filled happy brother. It will touch you and give more to this incredible story that one day soon will come into full view and if we were not in our new containers , if you will, we would explode with excitement molded and folded in LOVE.
    I Call The First Watch Brothers and Sisters!

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  7. Almost 100 years ago, a world-famous Polish rabbi named Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan made a prediction that could result in the War of Gog and Magog, and the revelation of Moshiach (messiah), in 2017.
    Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan, also known as the Chafetz Chaim. (Giants of Jewry, by Aharon Surasky)

    Rabbi Kagan, popularly known as the Chafetz Chaim, after the title of his most famous book, died in 1933. Before his death, he revealed that the War of Gog and Magog would be fought in three stages. The first stage was WWI, which began in 1914.
    The Chafetz Chaim predicted that the second stage of Gog and Magog would occur 25 years after WWI, and that it would be much more brutal than the first stage. True to his prediction, WWII began in 1939, exactly 25 years later.

    There is a final part of the Chafetz Chaim’s prediction. He said that the third part of the war of Gog and Magog would occur 72 years after the second stage, although it was not clear whether he meant 72 years after the beginning of WWII or 72 years after the end.

    Since WWII started in 1939, 72 years later was 2012. Obviously, the final war of Gog and Magog did not occur in 2012. However, WWII ended in 1945. That date, plus 72 years, brings us to 2017.


    • I read this recently as well, and it is most interesting how Micah 5 appears to be directly related to, and to confirm, the Revelation 12 star sign. More and more confirmation everywhere I look, and not one attempt I have seen to debunk it has been able to do so.

      I really do think that when Yom Teruah comes, the age of grace will end.

      I pray I am accounted worthy to escape.

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  8. All i know is that this sign is not the Pre-Trib Rapture like all the TV and some youtube preachers love to teach. I Love Stan Deyos research but i cant believe as intelligent and bible smart as he is that he believes in this foolish doctrine of demons. There is not one modern day REAL prophet of God that teaches a Pre-Trib rapture so i think this 9/23 thing is signaling something else. Sorry folks, unpack your suitcases and suit up and get in the fight against evil because the Jesus bus aint coming to take you away. Here is a link you need to watch from Prophet Sadhu Sundar talking about an encounter with The Lord about the Rapture that lasted for 1.5 hours. It would behoove us to believe Gods TRUE Prophets and not the TV preacher wannabes. Thanks,–iGzRm67CU


    • I am so thankful that your wisdom is greater than all others because it will keep us all on track – do you have any POSITIVE remarks to make to others?


      • Im POSITIVE that my statement was Positive and your reply was very sarcastic and very childish but i guess thats the price i pay for thinking for myself and having an honest opinion. YOU obviously must be the one with all wisdom using stellar comebacks like that which will keep us all on track for sure!


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