Best & Taylor Global Intel Update


Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace, Communist Coups, North Korea & Little Kim’s Nuclear Matches

We are now taking a journey through the most dangerous time periods in human history, as the Lord maneuvers the leaders of the nations for the final blow-out and fall of humanity. The forces of evil are gathering together to forge their New World Order and introduce their fake messiah to the world. As Psalm Two says, ALL the kings and rulers gather themselves together against the Lord and His anointed, and it does not appear that any of them are exempt – and thus no matter how it looks, there is a well-planned agenda the Lord is allowing to be accomplished before He springs His own trap, His SNARE for the world. Israel’s Peace & Security. Russian warnings to NATO and the West, Kim’s threats to wipe our Washington, huge changes in the weather, plants and trees are confused, many things blooming and going to seed two months early, then we have tropical storm Cindy that is forecast to bring huge flooding events, Bible Codes showing corruption unlike that seen before, and America is going down, and Trump will be the instrument most likely used to do it, and more…