Stan Deyo & The 9-23 Mystery, Cosmic Warnings & Sudden Destruction


Scientist Stan Deyo, Larry Taylor And Stewart discuss Stan’s Research Into The Mystery of Revelation Twelve’s Star Sign

Scientist Stan Deyo’s research into the Revelation Twelves 9-23-2017 STAR SIGN is now complete and Stan will reveal what he has found during his research concerning this mystery. Is this cosmic sign really going to be fulfilled on 9-23-2017 in truth? What does it really mean? Is this a warning of something coming yet future, or is this an actual CUT-OFF DATE, a date set by the Lord for His return to deal with Israel and the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenant? Is the Church over at that time? Is the Church Age over and Revelation 13 completed? Does this signal the STRONG DELUSION and A FAKE ARRIVAL? Will the TWO WITNESSES appear? This and much more in this very special presentation ad round table. DON’T MISS IT!!!



5 thoughts on “Stan Deyo & The 9-23 Mystery, Cosmic Warnings & Sudden Destruction

  1. A “snap” in Eastern Washington State, huh?
    Oh goodie! That would be Spokaloo. Well, there was a guy several years ago who decided for whatever reason to study fault maps to see if there might be one that ran from the area of Vancouver/Seattle to Florida in a more or less straight line that the so-called experts had not picked up on, and sure enough, he said that it’s there. So maybe this
    causes a fault to break in a southwest to northeast pattern as well. Very interesting. With all the meteor sightings and perhaps an impact a few days ago, this might be a reason, or the Salton Sea unzips the Cascadian fault line which then sets off these others. Time will tell. And indeed, are we nearly mid-trib? Has the AC already been running things under the cover of darkness? Did something happen on 9/23/15 that we are not privy to? Lots of food for thought here. A great 90 minutes tonight, guys.


  2. Tonight at 1am important show about 23 sep 2017 there is a link in the email. Listen if you can. It should be good. They are talking about this date being the start of the 7 tribulation. Deano


  3. Hi,
    would i be possible to post a text transcript or article by Stan at a later date? i have so little
    internet time and can’t listen to audio’s.


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