Best & Taylor Global Intel Update for 6-9-2017

Tonight on Night Shadows – Shadows of the End

Trump Wars, Comey Deceptions, Deep State Coup, North Korea, Iran, Golden Age Deception, Cosmic Waves & Delusions

We are entering a period of time unlike anything ever seen before, could we call it a GLOBAL SHIFT, with Israel the center even though our attentions are taken elsewhere – from now on everyone needs to keep their eyes WIDE OPEN as political, military, economic changes abound as the nations are about to sifted and tried. It seems the final alliances before the GREAT WAR are now in place. The nations are angry, the New World Order WILL COME UPON US, we just do not know how long Trump can stall things – the Comey hearings show us the terrible corruption of Washington and the FAR LEFT COMMUNIST COUP among Major Media lies and distortions are now out there for all to see. We would have healed Babylon but she would not be healed. Cosmic waves, the New Age SHIFT and the STAR SIGN IN VIRGO and the DESTROYER are converging upon humanity. 5777/5778 will change the world, and few are ready. North Korea is on the verge of war – Kim keeps the threat level at CODE RED, and more…