Best & Taylor Global Intel Update For June 7th, 2017


North Korean Silence, Bots, American Summer, Peace & Security

The Shearing Of The Sheep Is Close At Hand

Economic Reset coming, no one knows when, Israel Peace Agreement in the works, on time for 5777 ending and Daniel’s 70th week beginning, War for Peace, Peace and Security. Dr. Greer of the Disclosure Project gets bumped from You Tube as censorship increases day by day even under Trump. Trump wars continue as DEEP STATE attempts to remove Trump at any cost, comatose Americans who put Trump into office offer little or no support.  Reports from communist left say plans ready for late June or early July riots in the streets in an attempt to bring Trump down. United Nations continues to bash Israel as Israel gets ready for major wars. Isis attacks Iran and Iran claims the USA was behind it and something strange is going on in North Korea and more…



2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Global Intel Update For June 7th, 2017

  1. Hi, Stewart or Larry, what can I do as a housewife to help Trump?? I am really serious, I voted for him and I want him to stay, help me know what to do. Thanks Carolyn


    • Write your congressman or Senator and tell them to support the President and stop all of this obstructionism if they are involved in it, and the Democrats as well. It is only by pressure from the people that changes anything. Prayer for them but we do know from prophecy that America’s government implodes over time. – Thanks for the question!! – Stewart


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