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Time Shifts, Gravity Waves, Bible Codes, Communist Coup and More…

June 2, 2017



Best & Taylor With Augusto Perez on Time Shifts, Alternate Realities, Delays & Grace Closing & Bible Codes & More…

Tonight’s show will investigate the actual realty of TIME SHIFTS, ALTERNATE REALITIES because of Divine Intervention to bring about the agenda of the Lord, sort of a reminder as to who controls what, and that mankind IS SUBJECT TO THE LORD’S AGENDA, NOT THEIRS. It is also a reminder as to how little we actually know about the construct of time & space, and how the Lord can manipulate both at whim. With CERN now operating in areas totally unknown before, could they cause a rip or tear into the very fabric of time and space and actually cause a “Mandela Effect”? Remember the Bible says that Antichrist appears at the APPOINTED TIME, and the affairs of mankind were slowed by the surprise election of Trump, the Divine sandstorm in Israel in 2015 that delayed Feast of Trumpets for 2 days – thereby delaying EVERYTHING FOR TWO YEARS, arriving at September 23rd, 2017 exactly? Is Daniel’s 70th week based upon 360 day years a warning that some cosmic event may slow the Earth’s speed around the Sun? And much, much more…



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  1. Gary Burian permalink
    June 4, 2017 1:41 pm




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