Best & Taylor Global Report with Guest Richard Shaw

Economic Manipulations, Antarctica, Trump, Temple Mount, Deep State Coup & New Bible Codes


We are happy to have Richard Shaw join us for a discussion on the state of the global economy, his new research and discoveries in the paranormal realm, new Bible Codes concerning Trump and the attempt by the Deep States top remove him from office. North Korea is back in the news and war seems more and more certain. Trump goes to Saudi-Arabia, the home of a secret UFO base, then on to Israel, then on to the Vatican. We need to carefully watch this trip for any news as we close in to the end of 5777/2017. Things are heating up in the Trump Wars and the removal of Trump will bring utter chaos in America. Remember the Mystery motto – “Ordo Ab Chao”, and it seems the chaos is almost ready to break out as Soros paid thugs take to the streets in an American Summer. The bots claim a long hot summer is due and much more…