Best & Taylor Global Update For 4-17-2017


Trump, Israel, Temple, Seth Rich, Wikileaks and More…..


As Trump readies himself for his overseas trip to the Middle East, it appears that all the stops of the communist left are being pulled out to prevent it. Why? Is it because they know that if Israel builds their Temple it is all over for humanity? Is this a SPIRIT OF REBELLION rising up in America just before the Lord lowers the HAMMER upon the hammer of the whole Earth, Babylon-America? There is no question that the communists, who have infiltrated the USA in almost all areas WANT TO FIND ANY REASON TO IMPEACH TRUMP. They may go as far as making fake documents to bring it about. Seth Rich murder mystery deepens but it all points to the Clinton death machine. Solar anomalies, radiation spikes, Earth Changes and more…





1 thought on “Best & Taylor Global Update For 4-17-2017

  1. The collider named “Sesame” in Jordan is apparently functioning now? It’s my understanding that all colliders are supposed to become connected. What does this tell you?
    Is the opening to the bottomless pit under the
    ice, only accessible now due to the melting?
    Interesting how just when discoveries are made in Antarctica, there is always a subsequent “medical emergency” and then
    people disappear.


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