Best & Taylor Global Update – 5-12-2017



Comey, Hillary, Trump, Sessions, Pedo-Gate, Antarctica, UFO, Arrival, Ascension and more…


Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a changing”, and indeed they are – rapidly. A day does not go by now and we hear of some new event that appears to be almost off the chart. People are losing it, just as the far left communist press that is now totally insane in their rage against Trump. However, be aware that if the communist coup wins, the killing machine will begin in earnest. The globalists will stop at nothing now to bring in their NWO, and that means WAR. The chaos is already beginning, all you have to do is turn on your TV set and watch it – almost total insanity. Airport rage, Air rage, Car rage, remember post office rage? What is going on with people? What has happened that people are now beginning to SNAP for almost no reason whatever? Could the bots and their sun disease be more real than we want to admit? And what is this new alien sub hunter being tested in Antarctica? And much more…





1 thought on “Best & Taylor Global Update – 5-12-2017

  1. 1) I would think that if Erdogan intends to lead
    a world-wide caliphate, that he would not want a peace treaty between Jews and Muslims. So I see him as someone who would attack Israel before that could happen.
    2) The attention to “acension” at this point is the lead into the Great Deception to cover up the Rapture of the Church prior to ISRAEL regaining its status as God’s Client Nation that it lost long ago.


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