Best & Taylor Flash Update – Wars & Rumors Of Wars

The Dogs Of War Are Howling


Mystery needs war to bring in their much awaited chaos. Islam needs their 12th Imam to climb out of the well. The nations are angry, and wars are in the air.  An Unseen Hand is now guiding the nations into their final alignments, and Daniel’s 70th Week appears to be beginning in the new few months. The world, however, appears to be comatose, oblivious to the hoof beats of the four horsemen, already riding. Rumors of approaching wars in the Balkan’s, Asia, Iran and many more places abound. America is in deep trouble, unable to put off what is soon coming upon us in JUDGMENT and more. The bots newest release, if true, spell out bad news…




1 thought on “Best & Taylor Flash Update – Wars & Rumors Of Wars

  1. So! Clif High now sees evidence of the rapture
    but as an unbeliever is still in denial. I pray
    that his eyes be opened and he and his extended family all be saved. What great confirmation that it does indeed occur.
    Sort of an “out of the mouth of babes” situation. How cool is that? This


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