CIMPRO – Something Evil This Way Comes

Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CDT

Join Augusto Perez, Larry Taylor & Stewart Best Round Table



Have you ever heard of CIMPRO? It seems that the controllers of humanity have to obtain every bit of informational data they can on every person on the planet – and then use that data to build a profile upon everyone, and then in the name of PEACE AND SECURITY, round up everyone who could be, or might be a danger to the New World Order. Augusto will tell us all about the CIMPRO MYSTERY, given to him by the Lord in a vision. We are marching very rapidly into the MARK OF THE BEAST given to us by Revelation and Daniel. Donald Trump was in fact totally under surveillance, and so are you, right now. Super computers have made “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” a total reality, and have many more government projects as “Total Information Awareness” that are a reality. You are being tracked right now, and if the authorities want you, they know where you are, and much more…



2 thoughts on “CIMPRO – Something Evil This Way Comes

  1. Great show Stew. Just makes one wonder how much time we really have left and just how much will we be left here to endure…

    Thank you for continuing the fight.


  2. There’s a book called Snitch Culture: How Citizens Are Turned into the Eyes and Ears of the State, written by Jim Redden. He mentions
    the FBIs Carnivore internet monitoring system, the National Security Agency’s Echelon, children turned into informants in the public school system (who loves to rattle more than a child?), how informants fuel the growing assists forfeiture scandal, how the War on Drugs uses informants to oppress inner city blacks, the government’s infiltration of things like the Anti-Globalization Movement, and the role of private informant networks throughout history. I realized that there had to be such a network at my place of employment – a State agency – because of the questions people asked me, such as who I had voted for, plus very personal questions, that they already knew the answer to. As soon as I arrive at any destination, the people there already are receiving a phone call that I have arrived as I walk in the door- always. And they are nastier in their treatment of me in increasing increments. Who knows what they are told. A lot of them look at me with total fear. What they are building to is a mob that will grab you when they say the word and take you into custody or worse.


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