CIMPRO – Something Evil This Way Comes

Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CDT

Join Augusto Perez, Larry Taylor & Stewart Best Round Table



Have you ever heard of CIMPRO? It seems that the controllers of humanity have to obtain every bit of informational data they can on every person on the planet – and then use that data to build a profile upon everyone, and then in the name of PEACE AND SECURITY, round up everyone who could be, or might be a danger to the New World Order. Augusto will tell us all about the CIMPRO MYSTERY, given to him by the Lord in a vision. We are marching very rapidly into the MARK OF THE BEAST given to us by Revelation and Daniel. Donald Trump was in fact totally under surveillance, and so are you, right now. Super computers have made “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” a total reality, and have many more government projects as “Total Information Awareness” that are a reality. You are being tracked right now, and if the authorities want you, they know where you are, and much more…