Best & Taylor Update – Days of Darkness Coming Soon


Israel, The Temple, Wars & Rumors of War, Bible Codes & More…


Kim of North Korea tells West he will hit without mercy – Russia tells West, they will attack if Trump ever tries to bomb Syria again. Assad warns Israel he will attack them, and Iran tells West they will attack as well. The march towards war is right on time for 5777. Passover on 4-11, remember the two comets that passed over Algol (Satan Head Star) on a 4-11 one year apart forming a perfect cross, telling the entire world that Satan’s hold on this Earth is about over. Those comets pointed to PASSOVER on 4-11, 2017. What does it all mean? Is the age of grace closing? This and more tonight, including discussion on the FLAT EARTH concept, Revelation 12 and more…




4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Update – Days of Darkness Coming Soon

  1. Forgive me if I am wrong but didn’t Ed Dames state that when things get hot on the Korean Peninsula that the killshot would be close? So this shot does it or will it cause the spacestation to be evacuated? Maybe it was space rocks coming in. I just remembered that there was a vision given to a young girl she seen all of this and around the same time the rapture happened. Not long anyways, not long. I really despise this place. Cannot wait to be where I long to be, for we are alien to this world.


    • Hi Jerry, I remember Ed saying that conflicts would pull our troops – including our National Guard – out of this country so that US citizens had no protection, then we would be attacked. As Henry Gruver, David Wilkinson and Dimitru Dudaman saw in their visions, we are attacked on both East and West coasts by missiles fired from submarines. But as I am sure you are aware, we will also be taken over from within. Chinese troops will cross the Mexican border, Muslim jihadists are all along the Canadian border, we have a huge infiltration of Russian, German and Asian troops in this country posing as ordinary citizens. They are your neighbors. Higher Truth on YouTube did a recent video called Never Forget How a Single Family Killed 60 Million People: He covers other issues in this short video as well. Ask yourself why a billionaire is in the White House, pulling in numerous billionaire and banker buddies to run his administration, along with his family members. This is a must watch video for everyone.


  2. Excellent analysis on what China will do re: North Korea. What if Trump and Xi this last week made a deal: China can have North Korea and Taiwan if they allow us to go in and attack and this repays some of our financial debt that they carry? Charlotte said the same thing that you did, earthquakes have lessened but are occurrencing in odd places. I still wonder if the spot in Kentucky where the two eclipses cross is God’s warning of the dividing of this nation? Thick hail falling in Spokane right now, following on the heels of two hours of snow this morning and rain just a bit ago.
    Four days of violent wind and cold temps have become depressing. No relief in sight either. There was something about huge spiders today but I lost track of it. Will try to find and email it. Stay safe in WN and OK.


  3. Love you guys! 🙂 Keep on keeping on. God will provide. I’ve subscribed, but have not much extra time to read all that you have offered; but will keep up with the monthly auto subscription. Take care.

    God bless you and yours, Stewart and Larry.

    Susan Morgan
    Medford, Oregon


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