Best & Taylor Global Update For 4-5-2017

Night Shadows – Tonight At 7:00 PM CT

Trump Wars, Fake News, North Korean Nukes, Coups & More


It seems that the Armageddon Script is now moving into high gear according to reports from military commanders, let’s see, we have the Balkans heating up, Israel getting ready for all-out war, NK says they will nuke us if we bother them, Trump says they have crossed the line, Assad in Syria in deep trouble now according to Trump, Putin playing chess and winning, China accelerating her artificial island military forces, war drums beating everywhere as Satan begins his program to eliminate humanity from the Earth and take it back for himself, or so he thinks, and more…





3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Global Update For 4-5-2017

  1. Stew, almost w/o exception blog talk shuts down your Night Shadows broadcast half way
    thru, requiring a start over from the beginning. Very frustrating. If you are paying them, you
    are not getting your money’s worth and listeners are having a difficult time listening. Can
    you find an alternative outlet? YBIC Terry (TH)


  2. I meant also to mention that now that ex-president Park is in jail in South Korea, this unstable time is perfect for North Korea to invade across their border.


  3. 1) Ever wonder why Gorbachev was given an office in the San Francisco Presidio and what he has been up to?
    2) Ever suspect that the excuse they will use to chip people will be as an ID to “evacuate them from planet Earth before the Destroyer hits”? Think many would refuse?
    3) Doubt they will use war to hide their dirty deeds?


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