Giants, Antarctica, Bots, Earth Changes, Trump, Obama and more

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Randy Yarbrough Joins Stewart & Larry for a Round Table Discussion on World Events

Randy, Stewart & Larry Taylor will have a round table discussion on the continuation of the Communist Coup going on against Trump. The latest on the bots concerning the NEW DISCOVERY, GIANTS, EARTH CHANGE WARNINGS, and possible war in Israel and North Korea. Randy will bring us up to date on agricultural news and the farmer’s plight as we move into the times of trouble. The world’s climate is rapidly changing, which in turn will change the weather. Prophecies indicate that famine is coming to America, but there are many causes that can bring about a famine, such as a major earthquake, EMP attack, Grid shutdown, etc. Inasmuch as a communist coup is in the works, and the weather is getting erratic, we need to focus on family preparations and more…




Let Not The Giants Live Again – A Best-Taylor Update



Antarctica Update, Wars & Rumors Of War, Trump Executive Orders & More

Unverified but most likely true are reports coming out of Antarctica concerning a possible BREAK OUT of giant entities who have escaped, bringing to mind the Isaiah statement of giants returning, and as Jesus stated, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, so shall it be again”. Are we going to witness huge entities as they had back in the days of Noah? While government denies any such knowledge, they constantly confiscate the remains of giants dug up, never to be seen again. Israel is on a war footing, it seems, as the world descends into total chaos. Trump’s speech to Congress shows how the communist left has no respect whatsoever for the Constitution, the people of America, or those in need of help. A house divided cannot stand, it will fall and crash, as the two eagles that fought and crashed at the Duluth, MN airport. It was a warning, which passed by almost all prophecy people, and much more…

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