Psalm Two, The Rich Men, Wars and To Be Or Not To Be

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CDT

A Best & Taylor Report – Psalm Two, Israel, Surveillance, The News and beyond


So here we are, folks, on the cusp of war, war with Russia, war with China, North Korea, war in the Middle East, war with OURSELVES as America undergoes the implosion of  revolutionary war and the spiritual rise of ANTICHRIST and LAWLESSNESS. Psalm Two is the foundation of all latter day events, yet you never hear of Psalm Two, the RICH MEN and their plans to murder billions of people in any method they think they can get away with – this is a SPIRITUAL WAR BROUGHT ABOUT BY SPIRITUAL DESTITUTION, better known as apostasy, the great falling away from the simple truths of our existence on Earth, and much more…



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