Best & Taylor Flash Update for 3-29-2017

Wars & Rumors of War, Trump, Obama & The Great Cosmic Coup


This short update will cover the very latest in what is happening on the Trump Front, The Obama Coup, Israel and the war machines, Russia’s new hyper-sonic missiles, Satan 2, North Korea and the Kill Shot and the Bot’s Sun disease, the arrival and why you need to watch the skies for both “aliens” and Planet-X now called Planet Nine? Humanity is on the very edge of self-destruction, but no one seems to care very much, so get ready for trouble on all fronts, and it is all coming together as never before. Larry will bring up to date on the bible codes and what is happening on the mountain top, and more…



4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Flash Update for 3-29-2017

  1. The link you gave was to the program on the 15th of March, and already heard.


    • Hi Rick and Saundra — thank you for asking about this. When we tried the link just now, it is to last night’s show. We have had this issue as well. Sometimes when we are bringing up the show, if we hit the play before the 7:00 start time, it goes back to an earlier show. If you hit the back arrow, it brings up the current show. So sorry, there are glitches for sure with blogtalk. Maybe something else happened?? Not sure. Anyway, if you could please try the link again and let us know. Also, in the future, we are grateful to hear where/when there are issues. Thanks again.


      • I have the same problem. You just need to wait until about 2-3 minutes after the hour to stsrt the new program. Easy Peasy.


  2. I think the issue with the two-state solution
    right now is swapping land between Israel and the Palestinians which apparently no one has
    voiced an objection to…? So things seem to be moving forward again, proving that Antichrist
    is soon to come forward. Looking ahead to your Friday night program with interest.


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