The Best & Taylor Global Intel Update – 3-24-2017


Bible Codes, Prophecies, Trump Wars, America Down, and Paranormal Sighting



The Best & Taylor Global Intel Update – 3-24-2017


It is becoming more and more clear that Bible prophecy against the United States is now nearing its in, and that we are watching the actual implosion of our government and that a house divided cannot stand, and while all of this is going on, the enemies around the world are gathering to finish off America in a final and fatal blow, and when America goes down, the rest of the world goes down with her.  We are nearing the end of man’s probation upon Earth and the arrival will soon be upon us to finish up the STRONG DELUSION as God Himself leads the Christ Haters into their eternal ruin. Much more in this one hour update – earth changes, methane releases, total surveillance police state, and more…




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  1. The answer Stewart is that Jesus condemns
    sin and Satan not only condones it but
    encourages it, erasing the need for a person to listen to their conscience. So of course most people reject Jesus. Great show tonight. Thank you both. Raining here again in Spokaloo.


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