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The Deplorables Global Intel Update With Best & Taylor

March 20, 2017


North Korea, Bible Codes, Nukes, Israel & More


New Bible codes showing that North Korea may well launch a nuclear war with the United States will be discussed along with a very strange meeting in China and the calling up of Israel’s reserves may well be pointing to the possibility that WAR is coming at us very soon. Damascus now under attack by Israel, Psalm Two tells us that the kings and rulers of the Earth gather themselves together to eliminate the concept of God from off the Earth. Prophecies against Syria seem to be gaining ground as well as Israel making what the bots called long ago the “Israeli mistake”, which could well be a preemptive attack against Syria (they are bombing Syria now), and Iran. Trump still under fire, Project Bluebeam & the arrival, nuclear bomb in EU? Operation Indigo Skyfold and more…




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