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Antarctica, Ancient Aliens, UFO’s, and much More – An evening with Stan Deyo

March 10, 2017




A Round Table with Stan Deyo, Larry Taylor and Stewart Best

Stan, Larry and Stewart will be discussing the latest in the Antarctica “mystery” and our ancient past, something that appears to be far different than what we are told from grade school to University level – a real look at the “Bots Antarctica New Discovery” – high technology, anti-gravity, Polar shifts and is it possible that an entire civilization could have been flash frozen and trapped under 2 miles of ice? Is this part of the STRONG DELUSION of the Bible? Were there really “entities” on Earth long before modern humanity? Is this a willful DECEPTION of the elite, or is this a deception on the part of a Holy God and is this, along with the arrival, the final piece of the greatest deception ever foisted upon a rebellious humanity? How does this tie into the rapture of the Christians? Are we close now to the end of man’s probation on Earth?


Is 2017 or 5777 THE YEAR OF CHANGE?



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  1. Snowflake permalink
    March 10, 2017 11:15 pm

    Excellent program! Stan really did a lot of research on Atlantis. Being able to use his website pictures to follow along was very helpful in understanding what you guys were talking about. Glad you could get him on again. The strong delusion is definitely on its way!

    Thank you as always Stew.


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