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Wire Taps, Trump, Obama, Sedition, Communist Coup, Red Media & America Implodes

March 6, 2017



Trump Right, Obama Lies, Media Is Arm of Communists, No Healing For America



Ruler against ruler intensifies as Comey betrays Trump, Trump surrounded by enemies within and without, Bible Code proves Trump right, Communist coup headed by liar Obama and Jarret, sedition and treason abound nothing done about it, as America implodes and judgment comes. No President is doing openly what Obama is doing, nothing said. Russian ties to Trump total fabrication to lay groundwork and trap for Trump – with Sessions gone, investigation head falls to Obama insider. Wiretaps both legal and illegal done all the time. Planet 9 tilting Sun and entire solar system and more…

What the American people are watching here is the final phase of destabilization of the nation for the New World Order to emerge as Jeremiah’s prophecy of RULER AGAINST RULER reaches its apex.  ORDO AB CHAO. The masonic motto is now reaching its final phase, and soon economic and political chaos will break out all over America to bring in the Martial Law Police State. The American people are being played like a fiddle. Nothing is AS IT SEEMS.




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  1. Karen permalink
    March 6, 2017 7:51 pm

    Larry is spot on about Truth being trampled
    in the Streets. Just wait until they burn
    all sacred scriptures in bon fires in the streets,
    and maybe people too. Zeph and Mark
    both say that the Two Witnesses are Prophecy/
    Holy Spirit and Priest/The Bride; and both
    are being currently ignored. I agree with
    John Haller that as nice as revival for this
    country would be, it probably isn’t going to
    happen. Good job tonight guys.


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