Communist Coup, Mystery Chaos, Antarctica, War Rumors, Bible Codes & More

Night Shadows Tonight Special Report

Radiation Rain, Antarctica Mystery, Orion, Arrival, & End of Days



The world is headed into total chaos, civilization breakdowns and economic train wreaks because the underlying foundations are crumbling rapidly. The so-called recovery of the stock market to record highs is a bubble about to burst. Remember the prophecy of David Wilkerson of a SIX MONTH bank shutdown, and Native American prophecies of a stock market that goes to ZERO, Something very strange is happening in Antarctica, Communist DEEP STATE coup accelerates, Orion, Mystery and the Arrival, War talk in Israel, Iran mocks Trump, Bible Codes and a house divided cannot stand..




1 thought on “Communist Coup, Mystery Chaos, Antarctica, War Rumors, Bible Codes & More

  1. Stewart, why not have Steve Quayle on and ask him. Something wicked this way comes, everyone keep your eye’s upon Jesus. Amen


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