The Best & Taylor Global Intel Update – 2-24-2017


Trump Troubles, Economic Freeze, American Spring & More


Larry is still recovering, but wanted to do a short 30 minute UPDATE on things going on around the world. Trump is being blocked on many fronts, he has “friends” that are not friends, threats of an American Spring are now growing, AND Trump must arrest his sworn communist enemies who are guilty of treason or he will be taken down in the near future. Always remember the financial elite and their global take down of the economy – a virtual FREEZE of all accounts – no ATM’s, NO OPEN BANKS, NO ABILITY TO DO ANY FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS AS THE ELITE MOVE INTO THEIR ONE WORLD CURRENCY – something Trump already told us was coming “much sooner than anyone thinks”, and he ought to know. Then we have the very real threat of a communist inspired American Spring, which will bring in Martial Law and everything changes.


Do you really know the country you are living in? Do you understand what is coming upon America-Babylon? If not you are doomed to be living in a horrific future, because you refused to not only prepare for yourself, but your loved ones as well. Don;t think for a minute your loved ones will not turn to you for guidance, and you won’t even have the knowledge to tell them anything. Americans are in TOTAL DENIAL. Denial does not change the FACTS or the REALITY. All it does is bring you to a state of TOTAL FEAR WHEN THE FUTURE ARRIVES. Why won’t you wake up? Jesus is the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY – IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN, THEN WHY WILL YOU NOT OBEY HIM AND UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU LIVE, WHAT IS COMING, AND THEN DO WHAT YOU CAN TO PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES. Something is wrong here – you if are afraid now, you have no idea of the fear you are about to enter- Trump warned all of you it was almost here. Here is your DEFCON ONE LINK: