Best & Taylor Global Intel Update

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Bots, Aliens, Delusions & More


Cold civil war appears to be going hot soon as Trump opposition intensifies, riots at Universities, this is a communist revolution to bring America down, more evidence that Obama is positioning himself as leader of the opposition. Earth changes growing the world over, bots have a lot to say about what is coming, verifies Native American prophecies against America about huge sink holes, rifts, volcanic and earthquake activity. Antarctica NEW DISCOVERY may well include alien structures, technology and so-called “aliens” with possible huge library of our “ancient” and “complicated” past. Bluebeam Project appears to be nearing its apex. Remember “Mission to Mars” with large alien being who presented a “holographic movie” that shows Martian “colonization” of Earth and evolution was presented as total fact. It is all beginning to tie together…






4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Global Intel Update

  1. If it’s true that the location of the Garden of Eden
    eventually ended up where the Arctic is now, then
    it would make sense to look for Giants there. A great
    Intel to night, guys. We got clobbered with several
    inches of the white stuff again today in the PNW.
    That marmot was right yesterday.


  2. The digital optical mind meld is taking place. The depth of this is staggering. Taking hold of their own. It would lead those of Jesus astray if it were possible. Thank the Lord we are marked and sealed from this. Still I am cautious as you are to all this Hegelian Dialect that has a molded plan. But yet there is the Eternal Plan, Hallelujah.


  3. Stuart, I heard you telling people to sign up for monthly subscription but can’t figure out where you do that. Please let me know so I can sigh up. Thanks, fran bloodbath >


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