We Would Have Healed America, But Alas, She Would Not Be Healed

2016-07-20_15-25-40TONIGHT ON NIGHT SHADOWS – 7:00 PM CT

The Last Trump, The Last Warning, The  Last Call For Repentance, Then Sudden Destruction


As Donald Trump moves with the speed of a tornado, the embedded forces of socialism are now forming against him and may well have to come for the killshot. Trump appears to be unstoppable, but as the Secret Service has stated, they cannot stop a well-planned assassination plot against him, or from fake charges to impeach him, to city to city riots funded by Soros, to false flags, to economic collapse. Any number of things can go wrong. So we have to look at prophecy and examine the “ruler against ruler” situation, as California is making moves secede from the Union. It is what comes next that is very disturbing…





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