There come times in everyone’s life that the rains fall down, and soon it becomes a flood of adversity and trials we did not really expect.

At the same that the Lord’s TRUE WATCHMEN are up there shouting out their warnings to the people below, that deafness comes. They do not seem to be able to hear anymore, nor can they give part of their bounty that the Lord provided them with. Of course, many of the Lord’s people are now under severe attack and have little to give.

This blog was not made for NIGHT SHADOWS but rather for LARRY TAYLOR and his wife, DARNETTE, who recently took a severe fall and also has been unemployed for some time. They have no money left.

Larry and Darnette have given of their wisdom and understanding of end-time events freely and consistently throughout many years asking for nothing in return. I don’t know too many people who would go to their boss and say they would work for nothing, let alone no perks. But they have worked for the Lord all these years and now are in financial trouble.

Lots of people do not like NIGHT SHADOWS or Larry or myself because we tell the truth no matter what because the Lord requires that of us. But they listen for free, anyway.

So the bottom line to all those that subscribe to our LIGHTGATE BLOGGER list and those who listen to NIGHT SHADOWS, can you spare a dime in this time of need? Larry and Darnette are our brother and sister in the Lord. They need our help.

As I said, can you open up your hearts and give anything to help them out in their time of need? I pray you will and can. Jesus tells us to give with a happy heart, so send whatever the Lord lays on your heart to this address: