Today Everything Changes – Or Does It?

Israel On High Alert, Trump Sworn In & The World Waits


Donald John Trump took his oath of office,  also Israel went on high alert as she is now surrounded by enemies that hate here – just as Trump is surrounded by the Marxist/communist that hate him – Larry and I will discuss what to watch for in the days just ahead, and if Trump is in fact the last chance for America to be healed. Warnings for what is ahead – according to the Bible, ruler against ruler and breakdown of government is just ahead.







6 thoughts on “Today Everything Changes – Or Does It?

  1. Great audio guys! thank you Larry and Stew! America is now in the process of being transformed into the fourth Reich. yes Donald Trump is being used by the Lord for Judgment of the nations, at the same time a blessing for Israel. Stew you said this would happen over 20 years ago! and now we are here! and still no one can see it. I have no time for anyone anymore! unless the Lord speaks to me, I speak to no one. they all mock me. I am still waiting on the Lord for the Revelation of His Love to me. waiting to be born again. this heavy burden is overwhelming to bear. come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. … For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. in the past I had no idea what this verse was talking about? the burden is DEATH WITHIN! the burden is HEAVY! CRUSHING, DESTROYING! only those who come to the cross will experience this burden, and with patience have this burden taken away by Gods Love.

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    • Amen Art. Well said on all points. This has to be the time, especially as we watch Israel coming into play like it is.

      In your patience possess ye your souls…
      Luke 21:19

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  2. I did not get a chance to listen to the audio yet. I just watched the inauguration that I recorded. is this the final stage for the takeover of America? the similarities between Hitler and Trump are ominous. whatever Trump is selling, I am not buying.


    • Do a search on the death of Julius
      Caesar, Ides of March, and the Planet X crossing of Mars on 3/21/17.


  3. “did anyone notice how much shorter his oath was from Pence?” I had to leave for an appointment and stayed home just long enough to hear Trump’s oath. Since I was supposed to be at an appointment, I was ‘time critically aware’ of the time. Also, I had heard it stated earlier that the oath HAD to be done by 11:59!!! It is in the Constitution or somewhere, I don’t recall. At 10:15 CT, they were already 15 minutes behind schedule, and knowing what I had heard about the time/deadline requirement of oath, I was already becoming concerned. I can’t believe they did that song, cutting the time direously close-Trump was saying the oath at 11:59!!!


  4. Great Intel tonight, guys. You have company Stewart – I baptized myself in the shower. Re: Robert Kennedy, their father made his fortune in bootlegging during the Prohibition, and he belonged to a mafia, and this mafia had rivals. He used his money to send his sons to Harvard and educate them as lawyers. John put Robert in the position of Attorney General to go after these rival mafias for Daddy. They were both snuffed because of it.


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