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Will Trump Win This War? Will Israel Be Divided? Deceptions Everywhere

January 16, 2017



Trump Wars Escalate, Israel’s Enigma and End Of Days

The left is cranking up to a fever pitch in order to stop Trump from ever taking office, using any weapon they can, but will any of this prosper? Will Donald Trump prevail and become the 45th President or will the prophecies that Obama is the last President come true? Obama has made many coded messages that he is not leaving office, and if these are true, he has to move before Friday noon ET, for then he will no longer be president. We have thousands of bikers who claim they will form a line against the “leftists” if they want to disrupt the inauguration process. Israel still under direct threat for division, as well as the United States. Antarctica mystery deepens with NASA announcement of the discovery of a “city: like formation deep under the ice, and the discovery of a large UFO sticking out from an ice sheet. From now until Friday, the stakes are very high in this ruler against ruler spoken of by Jeremiah!!!




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  1. Karen J permalink
    January 16, 2017 7:35 pm

    The only complaint I have about Night
    Shadows is that it never lasts long enough! Thanks again, Stewart and Larry. KJ


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