Trump-Putin-Bibi Triangle, Masonic Wars & Big Changes Coming


Trump Fires Back, Faked Intel, Earth Changes, Soros Too Fall


The Trump War escalates as the Communist/Marxist progressives reload for more attacks, using anyone and anything they can dream up to make sure Trump is stopped. Fake Intel report now exposed, McCain attempts to distance himself from being involved, Russia’s Putin mocks Obama, while Obama warns Israel no more settlements, 70 nations to meet on January 15th to divide Israel, goes all the way back to Genesis and the 70 nations. Earth changes now getting more severe – everything in flux, more volcanoes heating up, earthquakes all over, solar activity almost blank. George Soros and “enemy of the state”? Will he fall soon?


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3 thoughts on “Trump-Putin-Bibi Triangle, Masonic Wars & Big Changes Coming

  1. I’m beginning to think you’re right Stew about Trump being a setup or being set up for the NWO to take down the US. He gets into office and then everything starts to collapse which allows him to come in with Martial Law to try and “fix” everything; derivatives cause the Stock Market crash, possible Civil war as well as ISIS rising up here. There are so many things that could happen as you well know, but then what is the exact timeline for it all to occur? If the Sept. 23 star sign is what we think/hope it is, then we better hold onto our seats starting in the next month or two. That is unless Obama starts WW3 in the next 7 days. Who could have every thought how far “ruler against ruler” would go!


    • Hi Snowflake: A few different scenarios are possible. I think they have assassins in place to wipe out the national leaders that aren’t playing the NWO game yet. They will give the US and Israel misery with our own troubles and take advantage of that to “clean up” a few side issues. I was just told that Israel is bombing close to Assad’s palace. We may not get as far as the 1-15 Paris talks. A few years ago I saw Asian troops in our area training in brand new American military equipment. What does that tell you? As my mother said, we are sitting ducks, victims of a 250 year old conspiracy. Remember that according to Major Ed Dames, probably Nibiru is a changing factor, if it or it’s satellite planets and moons can be seen with the naked eye soon. Our Earth is responding rapidly to the approach now and little time is left to purge the surface of the vermin scuttling around on it. Keep your head down Snowflake.


  2. A thought occurred to me today and I
    wondered what you might think: I thought that if Obama stays in office, that he might choose to keep the Cabinet of billionaires that Trump has chosen purportedly for himself, as a gesture towards “the dearly departed”.
    Anybody have a comment?


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