Some years ago, when publishing a newspaper called THE BEACON, I wrote a long article on the communist/Marxist/socialist plan to take down America. This PLAN is still in full swing, but few people realize that Donald Trump is most likely a PART OF THEIR PLAN.

The vast majority of people believe whatever they are told by MSM and gobble down total lies and propaganda called accurately FAKE NEWS, while many, even in the alternative news, don’t see what is really happening.

Donald Trump, we are informed by a Secret Service agent (if true), was selected to be president back in 2013 by the powers that be. He was selected to pit the Conservative Right against the Progressive (Communist Left) in a titanic struggle for control over the nation. It is the classic thesis-antithesis collision, out of which we will have a synthesis called the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is getting very clear that the American people are getting played like a fiddle and even the Christians are being taken in by this grand master coup-d-tat.

The powers that be want to establish the long awaited CHAOS in America and also around the world, a time of political, economic and earth change chaos, out of which will come ORDER, from the Masonic motto “ORDO AB CHAO” meaning of course ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. It has been the plan for decades, and nothing whatever has changed.

TRUMP’S role in all of this is to bring in ORDER out of the chaos that will come as he takes office and begins his rule. The left will pull out all the stops to bring in riots and revolution as he attempts to deport millions of illegals, brings his fist down upon the riots, etc. The only way Trump can even begin to do what he promised to do in order to “drain the swamp” he must declare Martial Law or else he will be stopped at every turn, another form of chaos and ruler against ruler and the total breakdown of government.

Let’s be realistic here. Everyone (we are told), is against Trump and his attempts to rock the boat of the establishment. Even the leaders of the both the Democratic and Republican side are playing their role  in this END GAME as being totally against TRUMP and what he wants (he says) he wants to do.

The so-called “out-going” administration was called LAWLESS and TREASONOUS, that is, they attempted to overthrown America in a more or less open attempt to betray the Constitution of America. It was so blatant that it became obvious to anyone watching. It was LAWLESS and SHAMELESS. They even resorted to the murder of a Supreme Court Justice. The alternative news media was and is filled with all of this, calling Obama the most lawless President, the most criminal President in the history of the United States.  Thus the thesis is LAWLESSNESS. Hillary Clinton was and is a total LAWLESS CRIMINAL. She was part of the Thesis. She was a throw-away.

Donald Trump, on the other hand – this time the antithesis, represents LAW AND ORDER. He has the military, almost all law enforcement on his side. Martial law by him would require this.

We could say that TRUMP plays the part of the local sheriff who comes into town to clean up the lawlessness and corruption. That is Trump’s role. However the corruption fights back and you have CHAOS. The people waited to long to bring their county back to the “good ol’ days”.

If the sheriff is strong enough, the swamp is drained, and LAW AND ORDER PREVAILS. But the question we must all ask is what type of LAW AND ORDER is it? The answers are in the Good Book – it is called ANTICHRIST LAW AND ORDER, A FORM OF LAWLESSNESS POSING AS LAW AND ORDER. IT IS THE SYNTHESIS. In other words the clash produces a NEW FORM OF GOVERNMENT. “He thinks to changes TIMES AND LAWS”.

Do not ever forget that the Lord Himself says He sets up the Kings and the Rulers of the world. It is part of HIS AGENDA that must play forward to obtain the end result He desires and will obtain. Thus we have LAWLESSNESS  vs. LAW AND ORDER, AND OUT OF THAT CLASH COMES THE NEW WORLD ORDER, the Luciferian World Order, a part of the STRONG DELUSION, something the Lord told us all was coming. This is how it is being played out. However, the Lord may decide to come up with something none of us have thought about. It could the Lord’s “strange act”. No one knows.

Donald Trump is a high level Mason. He uses Masonic hand signals all the time, especially 666. So it is very possible that we are watching a Masonic War, simply to decide who is going to rule over the world in a real GAME OF THRONES, but in the end, the Bible is clear – ANTICHRIST RULES. And when the dust has all cleared, most likely from Jerusalem, insofar that America, the GREAT BABYLON and her great city New York are destroyed.

Trump may also be the latter day CYRUS, the modern day equivalent of  the ancient King of Persia, who took down Babylon and released the Israelites  so they could go back to Jerusalem to rebuild their Temple and Jerusalem. It seems Trump has the same plans in our day and age. This does not conflict at all with the concept of the agenda of the Rich Men. The Lord simply uses them to accomplish his goals and trap the Psalm Two perpetrators, and bring Israel up for their acceptance of antichrist, their fake Messiah.


So we all must wait, watch and understand how the end game operates. It will soon begin, in a day, a week or a month or so. BE WARNED…