Best & Taylor Global Intel Update

False Flag at Florida, Trump Mystery, Russia Hack, Middle East, WWIII Calls, Super Volcanoes & Much More…


Florida airport shooting, was it a false flag? Who is Donald Trump, Really? Good question, but we do know the two party system is a sham, and why would it be any different this time around? Interesting that Obama is the lawless one, and The Donald is law and order. Obama betrays Israel, Trump supports Israel. Is there a dialectic in operation here? Trump has two numbers that follow him everywhere – 777 and 88 or 888. What does it mean? Remember that deception comes at the end of man’s probation on Earth. Things are not ever what they seem at the time. War drums are beating again, with McCain calling for war with Russia. Government report claims Russia hacked election, but where is the proof? How close are we to real hot war?