The Obama-Trump War, Extreme Danger For The Next THREE Weeks, Putin Payback


Obama Increases War Against Trump, Putin Mocks Obama and We Are In Serious Trouble

Obama is acting like a spoiled brat that cannot have his way, so he is using his executive authority to do whatever he can to battle Trump on all fronts. This is a real war, and a very serious one, as Obama appears to be getting unhinged to the point that even Putin is mocking him. This is not a game, folks, Obama is a full-fledged narcissist and they are very dangerous people when angry, and Obama is extreme angry and said he would have won a third term if allowed to run. Prophecy visions have said Obama will attempt massive false flag to stay in office. The next three weeks are extremely dangerous for America and New Year’s Eve is going to be marked by a blue-green comet 45P, a most serious warning perhaps…





One thought on “The Obama-Trump War, Extreme Danger For The Next THREE Weeks, Putin Payback

  1. Watch the Jonathan Kleck video that I am sending out tonight. A few of us think that the ball dropping at Midnight in Times Square NYC signals the Russian nuke attack which will undoubtedly destroy the Trump Tower. He and his family will be said to have been killed plus his high level friends. We also think that this Midnight hour is when the Rapture occurs, marking the beginning of their NWO. I personally think that it’s Prince Harry that is the AC as he will be 33 in September and the Queen is now stepping aside, letting him participate in “the changing of the guard”. Also, he is red haired and green eyed, said to be an indication of Fallen Angel DNA, and his father has been rumored to be other than Prince Charles. Just a little time will tell now. Relax and enjoy the next 24 hours. (I have to wonder what CERN is doing as we wait?)


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