The Best & Taylor World Intelligence Update


The Trump-Obama War, Israel & WWIII, Putin, Iran & America Under Judgment



Very few people realize that when Obama betrayed Israel at the UN what that actually means for the United States, and how the Lord responds to such betrayals. Most people do not understand who Israel is, or what Israel is about, and why Israel is in fact the very nation/state that the Creator will use to bring down all the nations of the world, and America is included in that. Will the Lord respond with a huge earthquake? Possibly the one that David Wilkerson saw? In Deuteronomy 28 we see what appears to be a close encounter with a comet, perhaps the Destroyer as one of the judgments of the Lord, and much more news….







2 thoughts on “The Best & Taylor World Intelligence Update

  1. FWIW: there was an audio blip around the 43:12 mark. Just after Steward says “New Madrid,” the next second or so gets blipped. Sounded like “Midcontinent Rift” was blipped.

    I believe this is the third radio show I have noticed with blips:

    1. “the only escape is our Lord Jesus Christ”
    2. “freemasons”
    3. “Midcontinent Rift”
    [ ]

    God knows…thank you for the show.


    • …I should have waited until the show was completely over.

      One more blip in last night’s (12/28/2016) show, near the end:

      Starting around 44:34, Stewart is cut off/blipped from saying what sounded like:

      4. “until the Lord comes for his people”

      Surely an interesting list of audio blips.

      The one that stands out to me is: why 3. (the Rift) ? hmm…


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