Humanity knows within that something is coming, and there is little time left. The hearts of the Christians grow cold, demanding much, giving little. Truth lay in the streets, unwanted, rejected by those speaking the loudest, knowing the least…

The most popular of those in the seats of honor within the so-called Church tell vast lies without a blush, lying to their flocks as they fleece them out of their money, homes, estates, and eternal life itself. Deceived and deceiving others, as the Good Book says. Popular, they are. Very much loved by the apostate Christian world, lauded by the world at large. Lies, all lies.

Searching, searching, always looking for something, they know not what. Their hearts almost closed, unable to open, but always searching. What is wrong? They know something is wrong, something is not right within, restless, rats on a sinking ship, forever asking, never hearing. Hearts closed. You hear it in their voices, a touch of fear – a touch of unsureness. The trumpet sounds waiver, as though hedging their bets. Not sure, maybe, maybe not. Truth screams at the gates. Get ready, get ready, and prepare thyself. How? They ask, knowing the final judgment is soon upon them, not able to answer, not able to understand, not able to…

“Where’s the Beef”, the old lady asked in a famous ad. “Where is the real truth of salvation? All I see is the bun, where’s the BEEF? The MEAT, the REAL DOCTRINE OF SALVATION?” I have asked over many years – everything, it seems that prophecy teachers, evangelists, pastors, preachers, etc., speak about is of this world, or some alien world where alien creatures come from, getting ready for the “return” – but it is all of this world. All the information, all the “mysteries” are of this world, little if anything is said about REAL salvation, but much is offered concerning FAKE salvation. On and on it goes, but we know where it stops…

Over 30 years now. Pleading, getting nowhere. Salvation gospel is now a lie, I say, here is the proof, line after line, verse after verse, statement after statement, precept after precept, warning after warning, direct from the lips of Jesus Himself. It falls to the ground. Minds locked up tight. “I am saved already”, they tell you, but when you ask them how they know, they have no true Scriptural answer, just repeating the mantra of “I believe, I have faith”, lies foisted upon them by the master of lies and a murderer from the beginning. They bought into it hook, line and sinker. Unable to unlock their minds, unable to ask. Fear; for judgment is coming.

Inside they know it, they do know it. But the denial tea is strong, and they drink of it often, bathe in it, sleep with it. But they know. Like DNA memory. It’s there – locked away, humanity knows. Deep down they know. Not conscious, yet, somehow, they know. Once to die then the judgment.

Modern preachers, teachers and evangelists sometimes say that. What they don’t know is that is a double verse. It deals with the strait gate and narrow way, with the death of the cross, the first advent of Christ to the believer. One on one. They passed over divine love and judgment. They would not come to the light, bastard sons and daughters, claiming entrance to heaven without the tickets to get there. Rejected out of hand. “Get away”, said Jesus.  “Get away from me…”

Dangerous words, ignored by today’s popular ones. Denied, mocked and ridiculed. They speak evil of the way of the truth, hell awaits. It burns with desire to get a choke hold of these liars. You hear them on radio. You see them on TV. You find them all over the Internet. They praise one another. They laud heaps of compliments one upon another, seeking the honor of men, ignoring the honor of God. So popular, they are…

More time in praise than on any useful information. Shut up. I was listening to a show the other day. Praise of each other. “How wonderful your work is. You are such a man of God, such an example. Your books are wonderful. You’re an example beyond reproach”. Yet judgment cometh. You passed over judgement, and you passed over TRUE LOVE. Like the movie, you indulge in TRUE LIES. Nothing there but fluff, diversions, all of this world. Everything you hear is all of this world.

Modern Christians, as the prophecy says, have turned their ears away from the truth, embracing lie after lie, led by the popular pied pipers of Christendom. They passed over judgment and love. They passed over true repentance, they do not even know what it is, how could they, for they have refused the strait gate and narrow way, the ONLY way that leads to a Godly sorrow and a true repentance not to be repented of?

You cannot have the world and Jesus. It’s one or the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. “This is an untrue message, we will not hear of it”. Whoops, I forgot, heresy here, there is no such thing as a STRAIT GATE, or any NARROW WAY. “I want Jesus, and I want the world too. So there!!” On and on it goes, excuse after excuse after excuse. “God would never require that of us. Pick up MY CROSS? Are you totally insane, nuts? You bring another gospel, you bring another Christ.”

You put truth in front of them and they won’t even look at it, let alone support any of it. It is what it is, a fulfillment of latter day prophecy, just before the end, just before SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. Gainsayers. Christian gainsayers, but do not even know it. Destined for the fires of eternal ruin, yet convinced they are heaven bound. This delusion of being saved when they are not is God given for rank disobedience to the honest, open Words of Jesus. As Jesus said in His letters to the Churches – “they knowest not.” Oblivious to the real truth, convinced their lie is the truth. Total deception. Unmasked at the end…

Then they stand before the Lord in total shock. “I never knew you”, He says. “Never”.  “But, but, didn’t we do this and do that? Don’t our works count for anything?”

By grace are we saved, not of works, good or evil. By grace we were given a STRAIT GATE, and by GRACE we were given the WAY OF THE CROSS, called the narrow way. Few even understand what that is, let alone do it. “It’s a WORK!” they screamed. “He did it all for us” scream others. But Jesus warned us FEW WILL actually either understand or do it. Another of the bible’s hidden secrets, another of those mysteries of Godliness. He warned us the TRUE WAY OF SALVATION would be mocked and denied. Oh many, speak of it, they will, but never quite get around to it. Tomorrow, perhaps.

There is now, soon, very, very, very soon, a time of no tomorrow. No more grace. The gates of GRACE close. No more getting in. Left outside in the cold of the lie. 30+ years of warning everyone.

For this Christmas, a time for everyone to look within. To understand what Jesus did for us, and what He actually requires of us. Go to His Word. Omit not one. A change in direction, a time to reach others more interested in eternal things perhaps. In any event a change. Maybe to downsize, moving out, lots of change. The great sifting, the great shaking. Truth vs. not so true. To shake all that can be shaken, winnowing the wheat as it were.

When God entered the human race He did it because He loved us, as only Divine Agape can do. As He grew up and learned a trade, He did it for us. When He became a man and started to preach, He did it for us, because He loved us. When He was tortured and cruelly put to death, He did it for us. When He was buried into the Earth, He did it for us, because He loved us. And to put the Father’s signature upon it all, to prove it was all real for a broken fallen and insane humanity, He resurrected His Son, so we would all know the TRUTH. HE DID IT FOR YOU, FOR ALL OF US.

And when He was taken up in the clouds, He promised to return and take us to where He is, and that too was done for US, not for Him, but His name’s sake. It was all done for you, personally, without guile, without payment. FOR YOU, EVEN IF YOU WERE THE ONLY SOUL SAVED OVER 2000 YEARS. JUST FOR YOU. HE DID IT FOR YOU, do you understand?

All He ever asked of you was to HEAR HIS WORDS, and DO THEM, TO SEARCH FOR HIM, AND IF YOU WOULD, He would also PROVE IT ALL TO YOU. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say?” He said He would personally come to you, show you via divine revelation what the truth really was behind all of life, and why you are here, and what He wants of you. That is what Christmas is really all about – a message of a foreign, alien LOVE TYPE, brought to you through His birth, His life, and His death, and His return to you personally.

And pay it all forward with TRUE LOVE, not TRUE LIES.

It’s all in there, many ways, many forms. The Good Book. It is the only GOOD THING on this Earth there is. It contains GOOD THINGS. Truth, not TRUE LIES.

He wants us to understand the simplicity of it all, though very difficult for us to understand or do because we are in such deep rebellion, and the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and no one can know it. “When the Son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed…”

Search it out. With all of your heart, mind and strength. “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”. FIRST, ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS. No other higher GIFT can He bring the World but Himself and the protocol to find out WHO and WHAT He really was and IS.

So Christmas marks the CONCEPTION OF JESUS, a miracle of all miracles. God Himself would enter into this world the following fall, on Trumpets. It’s all in there. This is what Christmas is all about…









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  1. May God have mercy, I do not see the Truth, I see many blind people around me, they are loved ones and I can do nothing, I see the end approaching, I am alone and in fear. What am I? O God, have mercy!


  2. Thanks, Stewart. This reminder is well needed and more than appreciated. In these past few weeks, I have felt more of an urgency to tell as many as will hear the Truth vs True lies and even asked the question “What can you do to find Christ when the Holy Spirit and access are removed?” I have and will continue while there is time to spread the word of true salvation, but most are so ensnared to the cares of this world that they prefer to hear the popular leaders or those with ‘titles’ i.e. The Bishop, pastor, etc. and consider this Truth being negative. But, I thank God for a way of escape.
    God bless and continue to sustain you and the Lightgate family


  3. Stewart, just finished reading your letter……… so true and very deep and also quite poetic and heartfelt for sure. I have to concur, and that the very last paragraph you wrote says it all. That’s what we celebrate today, the conception of Jesus Christ ……Once I woke up to this truth years ago, I have never been same since.

    Christmas marks the CONCEPTION OF JESUS, a miracle of all miracles. God Himself would enter into this world the following fall, on Trumpets. It’s all in there. This is what Christmas is all about…

    Thank you and God bless you

    Susan Morgan Medford, Oregon

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  4. Wish I was better at writing. The emotions that come from reading your words just make my heart hurt and tears flowing so I can hardly read them. Ever since I became a Christian and God led me to you I’ve been blessed. Blessed so much with understanding, of the truth of salvation and given the free will to choose to be obedient; to follow Jesus as I squeezed through that very STRAIT gate and walked down that extremely NARROW way which led to the lowest room, the pit of hell and here I sit waiting for Him who bade me to come. It’s been a long difficult journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The day will come when there will be joy unspeakable for everyone who does the Father’s will. We have His promise.

    Thank you Stew for always being a light shinning in the darkness, telling the real truth no matter what the cost. I pray more people will realize what eternal ruin really means and repent a Biblical repentance while they still can.

    All my love in Christ Jesus, your sister Denny

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