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Cosmic Waves, Electors, Trump Madness, Chaos and the NWO

December 14, 2016


TONIGHT AT 7:00 pm ct

Incoming Energy Wave, Electors Can Stop Trump, and Much More…

They claim the Cygnus 404 energy wave will pass by Earth December 26, but that could be a plus or minus on the date. Its actual strength may be known by the elite. If large enough it could cause a major EMP event. This is NOT the galactic Super Wave from the core but rather a wave caused by two black holes merging. If that is not enough, we have problems with the electors who could keep Trump out of office, many death threats, etc. Israel to move its Embassy to Jerusalem, Sanhedrin might consider Trump to a sort of John the Baptist, paving the way for Israel’s false messiah. The mystery of Antarctica deepens, earth changes growing every day and be thankful you have a normal day from, here on out…










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  1. Dave B. permalink
    December 14, 2016 6:19 pm

    Thanks for keeping us posted Stew! Thank you Heavenly Father!


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