“Torah Codes End To Darkness”, Bots, Antarctica Mystery, War, Earth Changes


Larry and Stewart Join Richard Shaw To Discuss His Latest Release and Updates On News 




This round table will discuss Richards newest documentary, Torah Codes, End To Darkness, along with the very strange mystery unfolding in Antarctica, earth changes rapidly growing all over the world, Polar Vortex continues, severe cold over America, Jet Streams changing, Earth rotation slowing, Earth wobble increasing, Israel, 5777, Putin and the undeclared war developing between Russia and USA/NATO. Obama pulling out the stops to prevent Trump was getting into office. United States falling, communist coup vs. Trump, the mysterious Ephod and more…


Antarctica pyramid discovered, underground tunnels and military “off limits” to vast portions of land, severe rift developing and more changes coming. What is happening at the South Pole? LEARN ALL ABOUT IT TONIGHT AT 7:00 PM CT.