No Fly Zones, Electoral Confusion, Shootings, The World Zoo Is Going Nuts!

Evil Is At the Door, Ordo Ab Chao Here, War Close And The Band Plays On



Congress passes a no fly zone for Syria, another step towards WAR, Libya Falls into line with Bible prophecy, Electoral recount not what it seems, and shootings for gun control; Obama said a number of times he is not leaving office in coded words, Russia’s Putin moving missiles into position for coming war with NATO. Missing Nuke stuff from Iran, and all on time for the Omega Code, as 2017 (which Israel in now in), is proving to be a WORLD PIVOT POINT and everything is about to change. America is GOING DOWN, and there is no way to stop it! It is Trump vs. global socialism if he is for real, and the BEAST SYSTEM RISING BEFORE US is socialism, and much more…