Trump & Media, A House Divided Cannot Stand & War Buildup Continues – UPDATE


Fake News is Major Media, Obama To Come After Alternative Media, Truth Suppressed, Is Trump Backing Off Promises?


Trump is under heavy attack after he dressed them down for being told they are all liars at a meeting, but watch what Trump actually does from now on. Does he rescind NDAA 2016? Does he DECREASE the move towards a police state?  Does he close down FEMA Camps or is he going to use them for Illegals and others? Many rumors floating around about no wall now, but inside documents say one of the first things he will do is DO THE WALL and start the “round-up” of them all? Putin moves against Obama as threat of  war seems to be growing rapidly. Is the world being played like a fiddle as the rich men make their final moves? The “Arrival” appears to be being played up in major media now – are we getting close and more…

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1 thought on “Trump & Media, A House Divided Cannot Stand & War Buildup Continues – UPDATE

  1. Actually, watch what Obama does now between today and January 20, because unknown to most people, he will actually be setting up the platform for Trump to follow through on. That’s the way they can have continuity, but blame the preceding administration for it. That’s how it works.


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