Global Intel Update – Has Chaos Now Begun?


BBC SAYS RUSSIA SINKS AMERICAN WARSHIP -DAMAGES OTHERS – totally unverified FAKE NEWS? Cop Killings Increase. Electors Face Death Threats, UN Moving Troops Into Syria, Resurrection Radiation, The Trump-Cyrus Connection


The toppling of the American way of life has begun, with people like Soros and Clinton stirring up trouble and chaos. The Masonic motto is Ordo Ab Chao and it appears the final phase of the confusion mentioned in the bots will lead to terror attacks in many major cities. BBC reports Russia attacks Navy Ships, sinks one, great loss of life, unable to verify, could be FAKE NEWS, but to what end?

The Bible’s Isaiah says that it begins in the cities as the rich men attempt to bring America down. Cop killings are increasing, and now death┬áthreats to our electors too the electoral college are happening demanding they change their votes to Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile the UN is slowly building of their troops in Syria, and the UN is an enemy of Israel. Signs, signs, everywhere SIGNS THAT THE END IS FAST APPROACHING…




Fake News interesting and shows how major media can manipulate the masses of the Earth with “wag the dog” type of fake reporting, but what is portrayed could well take place and cause WWIII!