Bible Codes, Wild Cards, Trump’s Future, War in Mystery, Get Ready For Weird


Bible Code Surprise, Wild Cards by Design, Or? Third Temple Comes Into View, Chaos, False Flag and more…

Something Is Not Right Here…

They say nothing happens of consequence unless it was designed that way by the elite powers- and insiders are saying that Trump was selected to win in 2013 by Mystery but is it true? If so, then Trump, the name of the Joker Card, has all been staged for the American people, but for what end?  That does not mean that the Lord is not behind Trump for both can be true, as the Lord has a plan for America’s demise, and do not forget Jade Helm, FEMA Camps (Hillary’s Joy Camps), and the possibility of an OVERTHROW of the USA via economics, false flags, electoral change, or a surprise of some kind, such as a FAKE ARRIVAL?  The New World Order, if Trump is for real, will attempt every means possible to stop him from ever taking office. That event would cause total chaos in America, the final card FOR THE TAKE-OVER, Ordo Ab Chao goes real!!! A second war of the Harvest Moon may be all too real – tune in tonight!!!



5 thoughts on “Bible Codes, Wild Cards, Trump’s Future, War in Mystery, Get Ready For Weird

  1. Excellent show tonight Stew. We do indeed have to be close to going home to The Father’s house and seeing the return of Jesus Christ. What an amazing time we are living in as we watch prophecy being fulfilled almost daily!

    Thank you as always for putting the truth out there.


  2. There is an I, Pet Goat II video out there and there are those who are interpreting its cryptic symbolism as a soon to happen future attack on America, on 12/3/2016.


    • An interesting follow-up video published just today, 11/19/2016:

      Hangman Cracked / Antichrist Named (length: 12:10)

      God knows…

      Blessed [is] the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. (Prov 8:34)


  3. Stewart, paraphrasing: “The New World Order will attempt every means possible to stop Trump from ever taking office. That event would cause total chaos in America, and their final card “Ordo Ab Chao” goes real!!!”

    The hard fact is. The ‘Conspirators from Psalm 2’ for the past 50 years have a mode of operandi that signals their intentions to their nobles through TV, movies, commercials and print advertisements.

    Magazines covers such as this November 11-17 ‘New Statesman’ are a favorite way of showing their evil intentions in plain sight.

    This we DO KNOW, the “Conspirators from Psalm 2” will NEVER LET Donald Trump sit in the oval office on January 20, 2017! The President will NEVER ALLOW ‘Obamacare’ his legacy to be repealed by Donald Trump!

    There is a day coming when the POTUS “will make to cease all the moaning and groaning” and Iran and the Medes will fulfill Isaiah 21:9 and destroys 8 US major cities by fire simultaneously sometime within those 72 days between November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017.
    He’s a “treacherous dealer” and WILL DEAL treacherously and make that call! I am in agreement, with 8 cities simultaneously nuked, their order in their FEMA camps out of chaos will ensue! Lauren


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