Bible Codes, Trump, Soros, Earth Wobble and More…


UPDATE – New Bible Codes, Earth Wobble, South Pole Mystery and More


As Trump begins to select his transition team, rumors of attempts to stop him cold emerge into the open as Soros commits treason by paying people to rise up and commit violence across America and against America, as act of treason. Chicago may be a FALSE FLAG in an attempt to get Obama to declare an emergency and stop Trump from taking the White House.



Confirmations of the Sanhedrin requesting the THIRD TEMPLE be rebuilt )may first be Tabernacle of David), appear as the world moves into Daniel’s Lost Week of Years. We are moving rapidly from GRACE to LAW KEEPING.


Russian buildup continues as Bible Codes indicate the Daniel 8 war of Iran comes into view. The importance of the Third Temple cannot be overstated but the pattern of prophecy indicates a major war will occur first and then the Temple will be rebuilt. Earth Wobble increasing. Much more on the plate on this Best-Taylor Update. Tonight at 7:00 PM CT.

Defcon One is soon going to be a reality. LEARN THE REAL TRUTH.




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The goal of the New World Order is to bring America down – and no one can stop it – beware!!!




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