Delusions Of Recovery? – Is America Is Going Down?


Is Trump  The Last Trump?  Is He Judgment In Disguise?


The conservatives in America, the SILENT ONES, decided to not be so silent in this presidential election thinking that A MAN can solve the problems in America which have become so entrenched, and so systemic that it would be difficult for the Creator Himself to unravel it. However, the Creator of all of this says very clearly He has no intention of helping us out, but rather is going to allow the American people to commit mass suicide if that is what they choose to do. Then of course, we have the Russian military buildup that appears more and more foreboding but that is not in the news either. So here we are, on the cusp of total economic collapse by various methods and means, in fighting and most likely an internal revolution of leader against leader. All of our enemies know this and will pounce when the time is right. BEWARE, things are going to come suddenly upon us. ARE YOU READY?