5777 & Donald Trump, The Third Temple and The Chaos Begins

The Trump Enigma, Chaos, NWO, UFO’s,The Arrival, Trump, Putin & Israel’s Third Temple






We are at the crossroads, with the year 5777 and five being the number for GRACE, and SEVEN BEING COMPLETE. There are major signs coming in 5777, and Donald Trump, THE LAST TRUMP, takes office (in theory), January 2017, a NEW BEGINNING. Already the Sanhedrin has asked TRUMP and PUTIN to allow the THIRD TEMPLE to be built. It is not all coincidence, but rather the perfection of timing. During what is known as the CHURCH AGE, or AGE OF GRACE, as outlined in Revelation 2 & 3, appears to be OVER and the DOOR IS SHUT. The elite are pulling out all the plugs to keep Trump out of the White House. People who claim that the Lord has told them Trump will take office insist it is from the Lord, a “thus saith the Lord”. Others say that Trump will not ever be allowed to take office, and that also said “thus saith the Lord”, so obviously one of them in NOT from the Lord. UPDATE with Stewart and Larry with a special guest who saw and photographed a UFO landing!!!





It’s all coming together. HEADS UP!!



4 thoughts on “5777 & Donald Trump, The Third Temple and The Chaos Begins

  1. So true, Stewart. Prophecy is manifesting in front of our eyes as we watch and pray that we be counted worthy to escape what is coming. I think back to about a month ago having a dream of a woman riding on a red horse that seemed to either surrounded by or followed by death and darkness, as to what God was showing me and it fitting in with what is approaching. Oh how God’s grace has been frustrated and misappropriated. Thank you Stewart for providing truth in the midst of the delusion.


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