The Last Trump Has Just Been Heard – The Deception Rises



Was the Joker Playing His Card For Hillary, Trump  or The American People?



As I woke up this morning I had a great unease as to last night’s win for Donald Trump – that there is more to this than meets the eye; that the Lord has a plan, and it is not what the American people think it might be. I remembered how the Lord warned that a GREAT DECEPTION was coming, not only upon America but the whole world. I also remembered that the Lord said He would reveal all that was hidden, and Trump has in fact delivered on that promise, and with great fortitude and great courage stayed the course, through thick and thin, bearing up under horrific assaults hurled at him from day one by the global cartel and their minions, now exposed to everyone to see and hear.  Let’s give credit where credit is due, and Trump deserves that credit more than anyone in the political arena today – but then…we would have healed America, but she would not be healed…so if she will not be healed, there is a deception here somewhere, a delusion, a real strong delusion coming. On 9-11 some years back, the American people did not repent, they do not know how…yet if anyone, a man can solve the problems of the world, let it be said that is impossible without the Messiah, I mean the REAL ONE. Delay? Remember Susan Boyle? I had a dream. America was a dream – beware, it is far from over and the nightmare of the BEAST is not over.  UPDATE from Stewart & Larry tonight at 7.




Susan Boyle on 4-11-2009 with a five year countdown to 2014 a year when the NWO began in earnest – did TRUMP delay the execution of judgment?

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