Crossroads For America, Truth, Justice and the American Way or Martial Law UN Dictatorship?


CME’s, Election Jitters, Hillary Free and Is the Fix In? UPDATE



Do enough Americans care to change the evil matrix they are in, or are they too dumbed down, to lazy or to indifferent to care? One would think that with all of the exposure that there would be a hue and cry over the FBI’s latest “Free Hillary No Matter What” operations but not much being said, really. CME to hit us on Election Day, interesting timing. Troop movements now getting serious, something really is on the way. 5777 is a key year for the world, get ready for ANYTHING, and don’t be surprised NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. America could have been healed but prophecy says she will not be. Indifference, apostasy, hatred, is the American soft mental underbelly being exposed to the entire world? There’s something going on here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear…and MUCH MORE!!