Anything Too Stop Trump, The Bots, Financial Chaos, Terrorism and No Election?

TONIGHT ON NIGHT SHADOWS 7:00 PM CT. In The Middle of a Coup?

Corruption Unheard Of, But Does Anyone Really Care?


Well, 3 days before the election, an election unheard of in the history of the god ol US of A, AKA Babylon, and Babylon means CONFUSION, and the bots claim that confusion is the order of the day now. More and more threats and counter threats, more and more unimpeachable evidence of hug crimes by Hillary, yet nothing is being done. She will be arrested they all say, yet no arrest warrants have been issued. Murder, pay for play, sex crimes against minors, the list is long. What is the real game being played here? Is it really a coup against a coup or is something else really happening, a light of hand, a deception long planned by the elite, the rich men of the Earth. As we get closer, threats of actual terrorism, voter fraud, etc. are coming along. No election? Could be as threat of violence continue to be fed to the public, perhaps Obama, via executive order, could cancel the elections to a later date. Time will tell as it always does. Hang on to your hates, the winds are blowing stronger each day and much more…