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 Steve Quayle Interviews Stewart Best On The Coming Earth Changes

Listen here:

Best Video Productions produced a documentary called “MEGA EARTH CHANGES” which gathered data from all over the world showing a trend towards UNREST in nature, and that things were changing, and changing rapidly, and where all of this was headed. We are now at that point of ever accelerating earth changes and the Bible says few people survive it. How close are we? This interview by Steve Quayle is one of the most important discussion out there, and it needs to be told once again. Folks, something really bad is coming, and no one is going to escape it, however one can mitigate the effects for some time as one hunkers down to ride out the storms. Listen carefully to this show – and what Steve has to say concerning MEGA EARTH CHANGES. It is all coming true…


You can still order this important documentary by calling 1-800-257-2672 or writing us at Best Video Productions, P.O. Box 309, Boyceville, WI 54725. $27.95 to your door.


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