The Bear Awakes, Missiles of October, The Jacksonville Visions and more…



Russia Moves To A War Footing, Obama Mocks, Omega Code Truth, Matthew Stalks



A Rabbi in the 1200’s did an exhaustive study of the time codes discovered in the Old Testament and said the Messianic Era would begin in 2017. Stewart Best did another exhaustive investigation using both Old and New Testaments time codes buried within both areas and found that indeed, 2017 is the KEY PIVOT YEAR for both Israel and the entire planet, and further verification is coming to view via the Bible Code matrix. Why is this important? Because the moves of Russia, Iran, Turkey and other nations roundabout are doing exactly as prophecy said they would AT THE EXACT TIME NEEDED! Remember Jesus Christ said that the LAST GENERATION would see ALL THINGS CONVERGE and come to pass. They are, and the world is sound asleep as are the vast majority of the Church. AS A SNARE IT COMES. The snare has been laid, humanity is walking into it, and this NIGHT SHADOWS will delve into these last and final signs that the END IS NOW HERE, and the RICH MEN are about to fall into their own trap that they laid down for humanity. DON’T MISS IT!!